Monday, 4 January 2010

Forget the tarot, the runes, the I Ching - learn how to tell your future by reading a stone at


  1. Ooh, I love things like this! I'm always attracted to stones and every time I go some place stoney, I seem to end up coming home with several in my pocket, which sometimes makes the bit about thanking the stone and returning it to its original place a bit difficult - several of my stones are from rather inaccessible place. Do you think that it might be bad karma to 'steal' stones, or might it possibly be ok if you keep them with lots of other stone friends in a nice big bowl on the sideboard?
    Just don't quite get bit about ending up with 8 symbols, esp. as most of my stones seem to be round-ish and don't always have distinct sides. Possibly being a bit dim. Found a fab stone at Lyme at the weekend with what looks like the fleeting impression of a fish. Now what could that mean...

    (Ooh, have also got (almost) rude word as word verification - perhaps someone somewhere thinks I'm being facetious. Funny how these odd coincidences happen...)

  2. LBD: I reckon that if they let you take them home, that's fine. I find some stones seem to want to tag along while others get decidely antsy about it so are best left behind.

    Not all stones are suitable for reading...and some only have one simple message.
    What does a fish mean to you?