Monday, 23 April 2012

Walker on YouTube

Well...not quite.  But in the last couple of days I've seen a couple of vids that show the inspiration for Walker pretty darn well.  Can landscape be a muse? Oh I think so.
The first is a music vid made by a local film-maker, Conor Purcell.  His vid shows the many moods of the moor beautifully - and stars some deeply cute Exmoor ponies.  Mind you, I don't envy Guy his dip in the sea - not at this time of year!

The second is from Mike and the Mechanics which was flagged up to me on Twitter.  I love the sweeping shots on this, showing the coastland around the edge of the moor and, in particular, the tiny church at Culbone - which appears in the book as Kitnor, home of the Kashebah.

Take a look.  Better still, come visit!